Warning! This page is not for viewing if you don’t like Horsepower. If you need a pulling beast of a machine on your farm, then you are on the right page. The MT900E series is known for its heaviest, robust frame in the industry, the proven transmission from Cat, along with the sheer comfort of the cab and the convenience in the controls. Ranging from 360-425 HP, the MT900E series has four models that are built to impress. With up to six hydraulic valves and a 59 gpm option, this workhorse is ready to give you the flow you need at the ultimate capacity.

Agri-Service is in the business of power and efficiency. We have product specialists waiting to serve you in your purchase and make sure your operators understand the MT900E series and its capability. We know our customers, we know our products, and we wouldn't lead you astray on this one. Speak to your sales specialist today. For more information on the MT900E series, click the link below.